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After the successful launch of Friday Fox Recordings, Christian B & Lavvy Levan return with a remix package of their ace “Toe In Water EP” which features a new song, “Beatroot”.

London’s Robot 84 takes “Insatiable” to a next level, injecting unrelenting House music energy, holding down classy groove that rises from simmer to boiling, Marc Rapson launches “Now?” into the soulful playground injecting warm pads and a lovely piano hook, “Two Sides” gets thrown in the mix by deep house guru, DSHunt, who adds a shade of melancholia to his keys. The boys’ new song with its humorous title “Beatroot” carries a heartfelt message to ‘be true to yourself’ underpinned by a platter of catchy vocal hooks and hypnotic 90’s piano flavoured house vibes. Good Stuff!