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Making a grand entrance to the house scene launching Friday Fox Recordings.

01. ‘Nitelife’ (Masters at Work Nite Mix) – Kim English (Nervous 1994)
A great house track with incredible depth and soul, Kim’s sultry vocals and MAW’s discreet beats really opened my ears to how Deep House and US Garage could be.

02. ‘Parallel Universe’ Original Mix – 4 Hero (Reinforced 1993)
After following the Hardcore/Jungle scene for a few years as a youngster, this track changed everything – combining heavy beats with delicate vocals and Jazz, it was a new dawn for the genre.

03. ‘So Into You’ – Roisin Murphy (Echo 2005)
Taken from the much underrated solo album ‘Ruby Blue’ the daring, unusual brass and vocal arrangements on this track taught me that anything is possible – and to never shy away from being different.

04. ‘Les Fleur’ Minnie Riperton (GRT 1971)
Simply epic – this track showed me how spiritual music could truly be. Haunting and uplifting, it rises and falls like no other – truly a musical great.

05. ‘Over and Over’ (12” version) – Sylvester (Fantasy 1977)
This, for me, is as good as early Disco gets – unrelenting, pulsing and unashamedly camp – this track grabs hold and never let’s go. The natural production style also reminds me how much spontaneity is missing from modern dance music.

Christian B

01. ‘Jumpin’’ – Todd Terry (UMM 1994)
This changed house music for me. I just remember being in a club, hearing this and going crazy! driving rhythms that you couldn’t help but move to.

02. ‘So Good To Me’ – Chris Malinchak  (French Express 2012)
I have been a fan ever since a friend introduced me to his music. I love the musicality he has and this song is perfect home chill out music that also works on the floor.

03. ‘America’ – Razorlight (Vertigo 2006)
I love this song. it reminds me of a really happy time in my life, when I’d had my first child. It stirs a lot of emotion and I think this is a truly great vocal performance.

04. ‘Trouble’ – Coldplay (Parlaphone 2000)
This was my favourite track on their first album, along with Yellow, and it’s special to me for 2 reasons; it reminds me of the first flat I ever rented and also emotionally this really hit me. Great songwriting!

05. ‘Insatiable’ (Robot 84 Vocal Mix) – Christian B and Lavvy Levan (Friday Fox 2014 (TBC)
Ok, this is a very new track I know, and I may be biased, but this is another example of the perfect late night track that is also bouncy enough to work in a club. I really love this and Robot 84 shows off his remixing skills to great effect.